Circuit Clerk Overview

Clerk's Office

The Office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court is a Constitutional Office. While the Clerk is elected on a county-wide basis, it is not a county office as defined by the Illinois Constitution. It is a non-judicial office of the Judicial Branch of State government. The duties are set forth by Statute, Rules of the Supreme Court and Administrative Orders of the local Circuit Court.

The Clerk is required to attend all sessions of Court, keep and preserve all records and files of the Court, and is the Keeper of the Seal of the Court.

The Circuit Court, under the Illinois Constitution, is the trial level court. The Circuit Clerk records all trial court cases consisting of traffic, misdemeanor, felony, domestic relations, law, chancery, and juvenile filings. The Circuit Court Clerk's Office accepts over 150,000 case filings each year which are heard in designated court rooms at the Judicial Center and Glendale Heights locations.

Mission Statement

The Clerk of the Circuit Court provides for a consistent and responsible direction of recording and maintaining the legal events of cases in the 18th Judicial Circuit Court. We strive for accuracy, completeness and timely records of the court cases. Our goals are to operate with the highest degree of accuracy, integrity and efficiency as possible for the citizens of DuPage County. A high degree of focus is on technology solutions to meet increasing demands as we continue to review procedures, policies and business practices for efficiency and effectiveness.