E-Filing Changes are coming to DuPage County

DuPage County is preparing to move to the statewide electronic filing platform, EFileIL, on July 1 2019. Here are some highlights that you need to know!

We are preparing for a pilot period beginning in early May for Chancery and Law cases only. From May to July, you may choose to file through any EFileIL service provider (including i2File) or you may choose the old way through i2File. I2file will also support more case types to be filed using new way. You can go to i2file at : https://il.i2file.net The list of other approved service providers can be found at: http://efile.illinoiscourts.gov/service-providers.htm


I2File.net is an approved website for EFileIL, so you may continue to use that for your filings. After July 1, the old way in i2File will continue to provide electronic filing for Criminal and Juvenile cases in DuPage County, as well as copy requests. After you login, there will be information at the top of the screen. You can go to i2file at : https://il.i2file.net

  • Criminal and Juvenile case filings are not supported in EFileIL at this time.

DuPage's EFileIL platform will not allow attachments to the lead document. If you have a complaint and three exhibits, each one of the documents will require their own filing code and upload. In this example, your envelope will contain one complaint and three exhibit filing codes.


DuPage County Attorney IDs are still required, in the Case Cross Reference Field. Attorney information such as the name of the firm, address, and phone number can be changed by submitting form #2377 (DUPAGE COUNTY ATTORNEY INFORMATION SHEET) to the Clerk's office. This form can be found at https://www.dupageco.org/courtclerk/courtforms/ . Please search for the form number of 2377.


We are encouraging the legal community to register for our attorney access portal at https://eaccess.18thjudicial.org

  • Once we migrate to EFileIL, we will not be able to provide a Diligence or Case Management Date in the filestamp. You will have to query for your case to find out what dates have been assigned.
  • Copy requests will be supported through this website.
  • Electronic notice of motion (presentment) will still be offered through our portal.


Filings with specific return dates will not be allowed on New Case filings. Cases in DuPage are randomly assigned to courtrooms that hear the nature of that case, and we cannot provide a reliable way to guarantee return date availability without knowing the court location. Date-specific filings must be submitted as Subsequent case filings, after the case number and location have been assigned.